Korn, Evanescence and Shinedown in Concert at the Metropolitan Park

Korn, Evanescence and Shinedown in Concert at the Metropolitan Park


Korn, Evanescence and Jacksonville’s Shinedown, will be performing at the 27-acre Metropolitan Park in Downtown Jacksonville on Sunday, April 29, starting at 11:00am.


Yes, Korn is still around. As one of the pioneers of “nu metal”, Korn, along with Nirvana is one of the bands that best exemplifies the sound of rock from the 1990s. Korn’s sound would influence many bands, ranging from Slipknot to Jacksonville’s own Limp Bizkit. They are still putting out albums with the latest being last year’s The Path of Totality. Included on the album is the song “Get Up!”, which they did in collaboration with dubstep superstar, Skrillex.

Evanescence is best known as being one of the bigger rock bands from the early 2000s. Their first full length album, Fallen, sold more than 17 million copies and won the band two Grammy Awards. Their next album, The Open Door sold more than six million copies. The band’s best known member is lead singer Amy Lee. The have toured with other early-2000 bands like Chevelle and Finger Eleven while also appearing at festivals with Aerosmith and Velvet Revolver.


Shinedown is the best-known and most popular local rock band and on April 29 they will be back home performing in support of their their album Amaryllis which will drop on the 27th of March. Amaryllis is their fourth album and the band has already released a single from it titled “Bully”. Their last album, The Sound of Madness was their most successful album to date and was certified platinum by the RIAA.