The Black Kids From Jax

The Black Kids From Jax

The Black Kids are an indie pop band that was formed in 2006 by siblings Reggie and Ali Youngblood, Owen Holmes, Dawn Watley, and Kevin Snow. The band became internationally recognized due to heavy media coverage in 2007, in part due to their Wizard of Ahhhs EP.


  • Reggie Youngblood (lead singer and guitarist)

  • Ali Youngblood (backing vocalist and keyboardist)

  • Kevin Snow (drums)

  • Dawn Watley (backing vocalist and keyboardist)

  • Owen Holmes (bassist)

The band has referred to Jacksonville as a city largely devoid of culture, this despite the fact that up until 20o7, it was the only place that they were known. They would rise beyond Jacksonville’s music scene to become known for executing tight, professional pop-rock songs. This reputation would make them one of the most promising young prospects in their genre of popular music.

A performance at The Athens Popfest in the summer of 2007 would gain them the attention of music journalists and record companies.

The Wizard of Ahhhs EP
The EP was praised largely because of its distinctive aesthetic, which was crafted by the two keyboards, among other ingredients. The band's potential was clear from the four songs on Wizard of Ahhhs, each of which had effective hooks that promised pop greatness. Despite being relatively young and experienced only on the Jacksonville scene, the Black Kids had a mature and highly refined sound. Influences as disparate as Motown and Morrissey are evident in their songs. For the record, the Youngbloods are the only two black members of the Black Kids and formerly went by the name, Mata Hari.