Social Distortion will be Playing at Plush in Early November

Several pretty good bands will be playing in Jacksonville in November, including Fullerton California’s Social Distortion. SD is one of the older punk bands still touring, having been formed in 1978, broken up in 1984 and reformed in 1985. Lead singer and guitarist Mike Ness is the only original member, and is essentially the most easily remembered face of the band for those who followed them throughout the 80's and 90's into the 2000's. For the youngsters who have no idea who this band is, let me point out that apart from classics such as “Nickels and Dimes” and “Ball and Chain”, and their hugely popular cover of the Johnny Cash classic, “Ring of Fire”, SD still has songs that are being played regularly on several North Florida classic rock stations.

SD’s sound, for those who have not heard it, is a distinctive melodic rockabilly punk unlike anything else out there, largely due to frontman Ness’s growling vocals. There are simply no bands that sound quite like them, which is probably what has kept the band going for the last 3 decades. The sound, the look, which is straight out of the fifties,  all are unique. The band’s latest album, Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes was released in 2009 and they are presently working on the next one expected out in 2013.

SD will be playing at Plush 845 University Blvd North, this is the same club which earlier this month hosted Insane Clown Posse along with other bands of varying style and renown.